About Zeneco Energy...

At Zeneco, we not only pride ourselves in doing our best for our past, present and future clients but we also have this focus on our amazing staff. We have always worked on establishing a solid foundation with knowledgeable, hard-working people who in turn provide you with a 5 star experience.

Our commitment to all current clients is providing a total solution to reducing the financial burden caused by rising electricity prices as well as a reduction in your carbon footprint. This may include suggestions on lifestyle changes regarding the way electricity is used or energy efficient appliances to replace current appliances – whatever it is, we are here to help you. With expertise in quality solar systems and smart data monitoring that improves your return on investment even further, we are all about providing affordable, tailored solar solutions.

Unlike a solar sales company that often disappears once the deed is done, Zeneco’s commitment is to provide ongoing support, maintenance and genuine service. Genuine care is the basis upon which we do everything to ensure your solar system delivers exactly what we say it will and you gain long-term independence from the rising cost of electricity. We extend a significant amount of value to our clients based on the service we provide both during and after your installation. Bigger companies will get the job sorted then scratch you, we will stay in contact and maintain your system for the long run.

Reducing the barriers to saving money with solar has been a major focus of ours. Get in touch with us to enquire about our $0 deposit green loans and government incentives that make the switch easier and quicker than ever before.

We are your local Central Coast & Newcastle Solar Installers

Our Team

Nathan Goncalves
Managing Director

Matthew Power
Lead Solar & Battery Electrician

Lauren Goncalves
Office Manager

Kendall Stubbs
Solar Electrician

Wayne Jenkins
Solar & Battery Electrician

Edward Gambrill
Apprentice Electrician

Ben Crole
Apprentice Electrician

Zeke Gibson
Apprentice Electrician

Max Saunders
Apprentice Electrician